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Our Story:

Founded in 2022, DouggieButterHoodz has provided high-quality, comfortable Hoodies, T-shirts and other Top Wear to customers locally throughout the Detroit Area. Our passion for expression through custom designs allows you to show and tell everyone what today is or where and how it’s going!

Our Product:

Our designs are DTF transfer or Vinyl affixed to soft cotton Hoodies and T-Shirts, ensuring they are not only comfortable, but have that Smooth, Butter Soft feel. Our designs are all bright, vibrant and last from wash to wear without fading.
We also enjoy helping you to customize any design to meet your personal variety of style and expression from classic to trendy and to fit any personality, occasion, or mood.

Our Mission:

At DouggieButterHoodz, we strive to transform you into your own personal billboard that the world will definitely notice. We believe that freedom of expression can be realized in many ways and your top gear should be that expressive tool to help you and your vision to stand out.

Benefits of sending your Custom Design or logo to print:

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Custom designs not only show originality but convey a deeper message about you. Your audience will connect more effectively with visually appealing and original content.

Unique Brand Identity

Stand out in a crowd with your unique brand identity that captures the essence of your personality or business.

Express yourself with DouggieButterHoodz’s¬†Bold and Eye-Catching T-Shirts and Hoodies!